Wound Healing


Unmatched Expertise

For over 30 years, Precision Health Care has partnered with hospitals to develop successful hyperbaric and wound healing centers. Our experience enables us to consistently make wound care programs clinically effective, financially viable, and affordable for our hospital partners.

Personalized Solutions

We know the needs and resources of your hospital are unique, so collaboration is essential. We work with you as a team that's dedicated to understanding your needs and providing the right solution for you and your community.

Comprehensive Service

We help you develop a customized wound healing and hyperbaric program that will:

  • Support physicians healing chronic wounds

  • Involve minimal financial risks

  • Fit within your hospital's overall goals

  • Meet your community's needs.

As part of our commitment to quality, we provide ongoing operational, education and management services.

Affordable Excellence

We specialize in providing advanced wound healing centers with minimal financial exposure to your hospital. We listen to your needs, then provide the necessary professional and capital resources. It's all part of our commitment to creating a partnership for long-term success.

Our Model: Clinical Excellence & Patient- Centered Care

Our programs help to improve the quality of life for your patients. Through ongoing patient education and proper, compassionate care, we can minimize most recurrences of chronic, debilitating wounds. Improving your patients' health and quality of life is a top priority.

We aim to achieve superior outcomes and hospital success through:

  • Use of individualized patient care protocols

  • Utilization of nationally recognized standards of care

  • A multidisciplinary medical team directed by expertly trained physicians, with experience in chronic wound treatment, hyperbaric medicine, and clinical management

  • Utilization of the latest equipment, techniques, and wound care products

  • The option of installing multiplace or monoplace hyperbaric chambers, giving your center flexibility in patient scheduling, the ability to deliver care to those more in need, and increased patient volume.

At Precision Health Care, we take pride in our custom-designed solutions that meet or exceed our customer's expectations.

A Partnership For Success

To us, this is much more than a contractual agreement; it is the establishment of a relationship.

We Participate: in health days, medical awareness clinics, and other programs your marketing department may present, in addition to those we organize.

We Interact: with your administration and medical staff to integrate and implement a process that will ensure optimization of an advanced wound healing program. Including helping inpatient nurses and hospitalists identify patients who can be cared for in an outpatient setting.

We Educate: The medical staff on the benefits of a comprehensive wound care center, and how each of the physicians is an important member of the team.

We Coordinate: between the medical staff and any of your other departments that address medical issues directly or indirectly related to wound care. For example, we like to participate in existing diabetes education programs.

We Collaborate: with your marketing department to develop a comprehensive marketing and education program that reaches out to your community and continually defines your center as the leader in the region.

We Support: your mission and welcome the opportunity to participate in fundraising events such as galas, tournaments, outings, auctions or telethons.

In all these ways, we strive to build a comprehensive and fulfilling relationship between Precision Health Care and your hospital.

Financial Flexibility

At Precision Health Care, we provide advanced Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Centers under a variety of different financial models. These vary according to the financial contributions and risk assigned to each party. For example, hospitals that want the potential of a more significant revenue stream may opt for greater financial participation. We will work with your hospital's capabilities and strategy to provide a customized solution.

We're Committed To Your Success

Our team at Precision Health Care is dedicated to adding long term clinical, economic, strategic, and philanthropic value to your hospital's organization. Interested in adding this valuable service line to your hospital? Please call Precision Health Care at 888-HYPERHEAL (497-3743).

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